Our Team

Snorri Halldórsson
Sales manager
Snorri is the sales manager of the company , and is in contact with customers.
Luis Chapela Bermudez
Sales Manager - Spain
Luis has a office in Vigo Spain . His expertise is salted by-products and frozen light-salted products. He handles our customers that speak Spanish/Portuguese. He does not speak English language
Kristinn Pétur Birgisson
Office Manager In Iceland - Finance and Bookkeeping ,
Is the base man in our office , he handles agreements in Iceland , bookkeeping and serious things.
Birkir Kristjánsson
Purchasing , Production and Sales
Birkir handles purchasing, production and sales in Iceland.
Phuong Hoang Lie
Sales Manager - Vietnam
Phuong Hoang Handles sales and operations in Vietnam.