Cod Skin 鳕鱼皮

Block 20- 45 kg 整块 20- 45 公斤

General Details

Frozen:Atlantic Codfish Skin

We offer frozen cod skin, from Atlantic Cod. The skin is certified for Human consumtion as all the products from fish factories. We can provide a certificate that the skin are Food Grade.

Product Specs

  • Origin Iceland – FAO 27
  • Latin name: Gadus Morhua
  • Washed and Frozen
  • Iceglaze: 0%
  • Block Frozen
  • Packing Pallets 1400 kg
  • Moisture is below 18% in the block
  • Singlefrozen to – 24°C

Size Category

  • ungraded

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Price and Payment
Cod Skin has a market price, based on supply and demand
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